Volkswagen's New (Better Than The Super Bowl) Ad Taps Trololo

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For the Super Bowl, Volkswagen chose to run a fairly innocuous ad that for some reason generated a bunch of controversy. It featured a while guy from Minnesota going around his office speaking in a Jamaican accent, who eventually gets his coworkers to "get happy" by speaking in the same fashion - all because they enjoyed a wonderful ride in a new Volkswagen Beetle.

That ad, though controversial (still, why?), wasn't as great as VW Super Bowl offerings of the past. Then again, VW has quite the pedigree. They're responsible for one of the most-beloved Super Bowl ads of all time - the one featuring that cute kid in the Darth Vader mask.

Here's a new ad for the Beetle, and it's awesome. I mean, it has the Trololo song playing in the background. Check it out:

Josh Wolford
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