Vitali Klitschko Running For President?

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With Ukraine's early elections coming up in a few months, there's already speculation as to who will run. One political leader who has come forward to throw his hat in the ring is none other than Opposition party UDAR leader, Vitali Klitschko.

In retrospect, his presidential bid isn't too surprising. He has been a leading voice for months among anti-government protesters.

A former boxer and world champion, Klitschko does have the advantage of global celebrity in his favor. However time will only tell if he will fair as well in the political ring as the boxing ring.

As Ukrainians await the chance to establish a new government, the current intern government is working overtime to erase the influence of Viktor Yanukovych. The Ukrainian president fled Kiev over the weekend as the capital fell firmly into the hands of opposition forces.

Though he vows to fight for his position, Yanukovych's wherabouts are presently unknown. The disgraced leader is a wanted man; a warrant has been issued for his arrest in connection to the dozens of deaths caused by security forces attempting to suppress anti-government protesters.

The Obama Administration has gone on record as saying that it no longer recognizes Yanukovych as president, and that the United States is prepared to build a relationship with the new opposition-led government.

Klitschko may be heading that government by late spring if his bid is a successful one, but he's not the only major political player in Ukraine. Yulia Tymoshenko's name has come up multiple times since her release from prison.

Despite her popularity among some members of the opposition, her past brings into question the possibility of whether or not true change could be achieved with her at the helm of a new Ukrainian government.

Speaking of control of Ukraine, some worry that divisions in the country may lead to the country breaking up. Whoever is in control of this new government may have to work very hard to keep that from happening.

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