Visa Uses Your Facebook Friends For New Ad

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Visa not only wants to send one lucky winner and 10 friends to Super Bowl XLVI, they want to tell that winner the 10 people they should take with them.

That’s the rationale behind the new “You + Ten Facebook Draft” application which looks at each person’s friends list and chooses the 10 people that should accommodate the winner using common Facebook social graphs.

The app is a continuation of a contest started in September that offered Visa card holders a chance to win a trip to the Super Bowl. There was a subsequent ad campaign featuring the fictional story of a man who had won the contest and the travels he shared with his 10 guests to Indianapolis. The campaign will end on February 5 at Super Bowl XLVI in Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis.

While the app uses common social graphs to determine the 10 people, it does so in unique and Super Bowl appropriate ways. A small sample of the names used for the 10 people chosen are “#1 Fan” for the friend who likes the most statuses or “VIP” for the friend that the potential winner is in a relationship with.

It uses all of this information to create a short video announcing the friends that the potential winner will be taking with them to Indianapolis with sports-like commentary. In the chance that the app makes unsatisfactory selections, it also allows the user to put their own selections into each section to create the custom video to their liking.

While Visa card holders were automatically entered for using their cards, this new Facebook app only reinforces the success of Facebook as an interactive and personal advertising vehicle.