[Viral Video] Blonde Calculates The Meaning of "MPH"

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This video is picking up speed on YouTube. If you thought the dad shooting his daughter's laptop was going to cause tension in the family home, wait til this giys wife figures out that she's been made a laughingstock of in front of half a million viewers and counting.

If she figures it out. There is always that possibility. The original math problem:

If a car is going 80 miles per hour, how long will it take the car to go 80 miles?

Her logic:

"If I run a mile in, like, nine minutes. But, that's like when I'm out of shape. When I'm really in shape, it's like seven minutes. I'm running at about 10 miles an hour... You are driving faster than a minute a mile... So, I would whack 80 in half, and that's 40. You're probably going 2 minutes a mile... I mean, some cars tires turn faster than others. I think a truck probably is slower because it weighs more. But, I think it matters if your car's a stick... My car's tires may be a little thicker and a little flat, so they may not move as fast as a police officer's tires if they're full. But, my tires are turning like 400 times per hour... You don't know the answer. You can guesstimate like I guesstimate."

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