Viral Rewind: Nicolas Cage Losing His Sh*t

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Yesterday, a friend reminded me of a viral video that I hadn't seen in a long time. I watched it. It made my night.

That's the simple premise behind our new Friday feature - Viral Rewind. Hopefully, each week, we'll remind you of an incredibly awesome YouTube video that you may have forgotten existed. We're dedicated to making the old new again, and making sure we never allow the interwebs' hidden gems to gather dust.

For our inaugural video, I present one of my all-time favorites. With just over 6 million views, here's Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit:

Here's what Nicolas Cage himself had to say about the video, in an interview with Screen Junkies:

Oh yeah. That’s very exciting. I was happy to see that this person found it and was going back to some of the really early work like Zandalee and even the movie I made with my brother Deadfall. It was very exciting to see that be reawakened.

That great piece of art, courtesy of Harry Hanrahan, contains scenes from 17 films, including blockbuster hits and lesser-known works from his early career. It's simply astonishing that Nicolas Cage can lose his shit in so many ways. I guess it's a testament to his versatility and range as an actor.


Laugh factor: + + + + + + + +

Creepy factor: + +

Informational value: +

Rewatchability: + + + + + + + + +

Total Viral Rewind Score: + + + + + + + (7/10)

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