Vince Young Says He Is Officially Retired


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Vince Young has finally revealed that he has officially retired from the NFL.

During a recent radio interview with Brent Carney of KXAN in Austin, Texas, Young made the announcement. "Unless we get a great opportunity, something guaranteed … I’ve already started moving forward. … It’s definitely official, I think, in my book," he said. “I love the NFL, will love the game always but I’m kind of moving forward and moving on right now.”

Vince said that he will more than likely go to work for the University of Texas as an ambassador for the university, where he was 30-2 as a starter and then led his team to a national championship. In 2006, he was the number 3 overall pick for the Tennessee Titans. While playing for the Titans, Young was awarded the Rookie of the Year honor and made the Pro Bowl in 2006 and 2009. However, he was cut from the team in 2011 after falling out with coach Jeff Fisher.

"If it doesn't work out," Young said of the job at the University of Texas, "you still had a great shot at it, still was a Pro Bowler, playoff guy and still got a winning percentage and things like that. If it doesn't work out it's in God's hands. I just stay strong and continue to live my life and enjoy my life, especially taking care of my little ones."

Over the past few years, Young has fallen on financial hardships and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February 2014. “I had my ups and downs,” Young said. “I made the mistake of getting in to it with my coach, and that kind of hurt me a whole lot. When you go to different teams, they already have a bad perception of you. When that’s out there, there’s nothing you can do.”

Young served as the backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles for one season, and was cut in the training camps by the Buffalo Bills in 2012 and then the Green Bay Packers in 2013. “That’s what everyone else focuses on, I don’t focus on that. It wasn’t too bad,” Young said . “I’m very happy and thankful for living the dream I had as a kid.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons