Vince Young: Broke, And Doesn't Know Why

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Vince Young, currently a quarterback without a country, is deeply mired in financial troubles. To be blunt, he's broke, and no one can really pinpoint why.

During a legal battle--which involves Pro Player Funding LLC, a company which allegedly loaned Young over a million dollars last year and is trying to collect repayment--the argument flips back and forth between Young's "out of control" spending and bad financial advisors as the reason for his money woes.'s Dan Hanzus seems to think it's the latter.

"Perhaps Young has always depended on other people to handle business that should've been his," he wrote.

Young was released from the Buffalo Bills prior to the start of the season, and although no one has said that his legal troubles are the reason, his attorney commented along those lines.

"I wasn't in the room when they (the Bills) made a decision, but what would you think?" Trey Dolezal said. "It certainly wouldn't help me if I'm the owner or the head coach knowing all this is going on with Vince and then he goes out and plays poorly."

At one time, Young was worth an estimated $26 million from a contract with the Tennesee Titans; now that's all gone, with accusations that Young's uncle is one of the people responsible for the rapid decline of his fortune. He is currently engaged in a lawsuit against his former agent, Major Adams, and a financial planner, Ronnie Peoples, for obtaining the Pro Player loan in his name without his knowledge and misappropriating funds.

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