Vince McMahon To Crash English Premier League?


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Rumor has it that billionaire Vince McMahon is eager to get in on the popular English Premier League. The WWE owner is reportedly looking to buy EPL club Newcastle United.

Now some have called these rumors “flimsy”, but given the state of Premier League football, a billionaire owner wouldn’t be too surprising. Some of the top sides in the EPL, Manchester United and Chelsea for example, have benefitted from having rich owners. It’s the same at many of the world's top football clubs.

And it’s not the first time McMahon has gone looking to put his stacks of money into ventures not associated with the wrestling world. Though I doubt many people remember the XFL.

Given the ceaseless popularity of association football around the world, it could be a sound investment.

Note the “could be”. For some clubs, having an owner willing to spend a record amount of money for players, merchandise and a new stadium does not guarantee success.

One of the more cringe-worthy examples of this in recent years has been QPR, which despite spending a lot of money on talent still found itself relegated out of the EPL. Real Madrid raised eyebrows for its record purchase of Tottenham Hotspurs’ Gareth Bale. Real Madrid finds itself in a battle for the top space of the La Liga table.

In the end, wealthy owners can only do so much. Some would see a billionaire like McMahon as having the money necessary to breathe life into Newcastle United. Others may see it as a disaster of hilariously American proportions. As McMahon's programming has the eyes and ears of millions of Americans, it could also be instrumental in finally garnering a larger share of American viewership.

As this continues to just be a rumor, all anyone can do at this point is speculate.

Image via Wikimedia Commons