Vince Gill to Bring Phil Everly to Life at Concert

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Vince Gill wants to bring the late Phil Everly to life at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's tribute concert for the 2014 Music Masters recipients. This year's recipients are the Everly Brothers. In a collaboration with music director Rodney Crowell and country singer Emmylou Harris, Gill plans to take the stage to sing as Phil Everly sang.

Phil Everly died in January of COPD.

"[The Everlys] are equally deep in my history,'' Vince Gill said in a recent interview. "I spent most of my life trying to be Phil, trying to sing high.''

Gill isn't positive exactly what part he will play in bringing Phil Everly to life, but is willing to do whatever the show's music director says. He expects, however, that he will get to fulfill a dream--and to sing Phil's part in an Everly Brothers' hit, along with Don Everly--would be Vince Gill's ultimate dream come true.

"Rodney will point, and I will go in that direction!'' Gill says.

Vince learned how to sing the Everly Brothers' songs from a pro.

"I got to sing with Phil,'' he said. "One of the last sessions he ever did was on a record of mine called 'Sweet Little Corrina.'

"What was cool about their voices was that they sounded really youthful even as they became old men,'' he adds. "Their voices were sweet, tender and youthful.''

Vince Gill has an incredibly crazy schedule right now, so for him to take time off to attend this concert honoring the Everly Brothers required some finagling, and a bit of sacrifice, too. Presently at work on a new Tim Jumpers album and producing a record for a member of the Pistol Annies, in addition to being about halfway through a new album of his own--Gill is a busy man. Taking time away to fulfill a dream, however, is worth a sacrifice.

Hopefully Vince Gill bringing Phil Everly and his amazing, harmonious vocals back to life--even for a very short time--will be recorded for all fans--both Phil's and Vince's--to experience. Just imagine the cheers and tears that will emanate from that audience.

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