Video Game Villain Super Group Rears Ugly Head


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Have you ever wondered what woud happen if some of the greatest video game villains teamed up to give the heroes a run for their money? I'm not talking Smash Bros. here, I'm talking a combination of power and resources to create a committee to destroy Mario, Ryu, Link, and Sonic.

Would it work? Could it work? They definitely have the resources. Bowser's and Robotnik's armies, Ganondorf's magic, M. Bison's crime network, Wario's.....bodily functions???

Simon from Orlando, Florida has made our little fantasy come true. He has put 5 of the greatest video game villains ever into one art piece. Here is the great set piece of Bowser, Wario, Dr. Robotnick, Ganondorf, and M. Bison:



Dr. Robotnik


M. Bison