Video Game Thieves Butt-Dial 911, Discuss Crime For An Hour

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If you know anything about me, you know that I love stupid criminals. Sometimes, people are such perfect idiots that the stories write themselves. There's really no need to embellish or play up the crime in question - it's just that flawlessly moronic.

According to police in Madison, Wisconsin, two men were arrested after they attempted to sell stolen video games at a local video game exchange store. The police were waiting for the two thieves when they arrived, guns drawn. How did the police know they were going to try to cash in on their crime? Well, that's the good part.

After making away with their loot (video games and DVDs from Target), our two master thieves started to discuss their crime. They talked about how they were better at stealing than other thieves, and how others fail to act nonchalant, and that's their biggest mistake.

What they didn't know was that one of them had butt-dialed 911, and an operator was listening to the entire conversation. Reportedly, this went on for about an hour.

The key part of their conversation (the one that eventually led to their arrest) was the tidbit about going down to the video game exchange to sell the stolen merchandise. After the 911 operator told the police of their plans, snagging the criminals turned out to be a pretty simple operation.

For some snippets of the unknown 911 call, check out this video below:

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