Victoria Justice And Boyfriend Enjoy PDA-Filled Hawaiian Vacay

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Victoria Justice wasn't the only stunning scenery on Hawaii's beaches in recent days.

While Victoria Justice looked amazing in a two-piece black bikini, her boyfriend, Pierson Fode looked just as glorious during their Hawaiian getaway.

A couple since 2013, Victoria Justice and Pierson Fode displayed just what a long distance relationship can look like if you work hard enough.

Summed up, it can look pretty dang good.

Victoria Justice and Pierson Fode began dating while on the set of their upcoming film called Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List.

Since then, Victoria Justice has worked hard at making their long distance relationship work.

Victoria Justice told Seventeen magazine of her relationship, "It's important to find ways to stay connected—even just playing Words With Friends and Skyping when you can."

With wisdom beyond her years, Victoria Justice continued, "When you're young, not every relationship is going to work out. You're going to go through breakups, and you're probably going to have your heart broken."

She added, "It's important to remember that just because someone breaks up with you, it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. All relationships are a learning curve. It all comes down to chemistry—it's either there or it's not."

Victoria Justice and her beau clearly have some serious chemistry.

Life is good for Victoria Justice these days. In addition to maintaining a relationship with her gorgeous boyfriend, Justice recently landed a deal with Fox in which they will be able to develop joint projects and roles specifically tailored for Victoria Justice.

Victoria Justice will also get to guest star across Fox's and 20th Century Fox's already existing series.

Like I said, life is good for Victoria Justice.

What do you think of Victoria Justice's relationship with co-star Pierson Fode?

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