Victoria Jackson Wants To Run For County Commissioner

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Victoria Jackson, the former "Saturday Night Live" comedian who made headlines with her Twitter tirade after the 2012 election, announced this week that she's running for Williamson County Commissioner in Tennessee.

The comedian and actress has petitioned to become an independent candidate for one of two seats and says that she feels the time has come for her to get involved at a higher level than ever before, although she's been an outspoken Tea Party participant and has contributed to Fox News.

"I think the key to saving America is normal everyday citizens getting involved because we the people are supposed to be in control, not the government," Jackson said. "I had a political awakening in 2007. I’m tired of complaining. I want to do something."

Jackson says she's disappointed in the Republican Party and wants to see real change in the coming years.

"They just don’t have the values of our founding fathers anymore,” she said. “I am sure there are a few Republicans who do. I want less federal government involvement, lower taxes, smaller government, more public involvement, a balanced budget and fiscal responsibility.”

Jackson angered the web and caused quite an uproar when she tweeted about incidents of "fraud" during the election, saying Mitt Romney was closer to winning than we were led to believe, and has on several occasions said that America is "dead" with Obama in office.

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