Victoria Jackson Loses It On Twitter, Gets Spoofed

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Victoria Jackson, a former "Saturday Night Live" cast member and comedienne, has garnered negative attention over the past several years for her outspoken rants about gays, God, and politics; however, none have come close to her latest tirade on Twitter after the election was called.

Jackson tweeted several times about America being "dead" now that Obama is back in office, and is adamant about trying to prove that Mitt Romney was closer to winning than we all think. Her opinions aren't being taken seriously, however, as she's being blasted all over the web.

The actress previously angered "Glee" fans everywhere when she spoke up about an episode in which two male characters kissed, saying, "Did you see Glee this week? Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians – again!"

Her rants have been compiled into one spoof by comedienne Julie Brown, who takes on the blonde's quirky personality with ease.

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