Victoria Beckham Confirms Having Breast Implants Removed

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On a recent interview with Allure magazine, Victoria Beckham, former member of the Spice Girls and a fashion designer, openly talked about her breasts for the first time.

The 39-year-old mother of four had her first breast augmentation in 1999 to bring her breast size up to a 34DD. The increase in bust size was evident in photos, but the former Spice Girl never said anything about the issue publicly until now.

When asked about her breast implants on the Allure interview, Victoria simply said that she no longer has them. She also stated that they were not removed due to discomfort.

According to reports, Victoria had her first breast reduction in 2009 and had her double-Ds reduced to 34Bs. After the birth of her daughter Harper in 2011, rumors started circulating that she had another breast reduction done to further decrease her breast size to a 34A.

More personal issues were also discussed in the interview. Victoria talked about her childhood. She said that she always felt different from all the children in the public school she attended, and she was bullied. “I really wouldn’t wish it on any kid, because it was horrible.” she said as she recalled her childhood.

Meeting the members of the Spice Girls and being in an all-girl group gave Victoria the confidence that she has today. She has learned to accept herself for who she is through the help of the other Spice Girls. Now that she has all the confidence she needs, she has been taking over the fashion industry with her fabulous designs.

Victoria also became emotional when she mentioned her husband, football star, David Beckham. She says that she has utmost respect for him and that he is a fantastic husband to her and a wonderful father to their four children. She also said that they have mutual respect for each other.

Victoria graces the cover of Allure’s March 2014 issue, which hits newsstands on February 25.

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