Victor Cruz, Of NY Giants, Talks Old Beef With Jay Z


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New York Giants' wide receiver Victor Cruz may be flying high now since he signed with Jay Z's Roc Nations Sports, the sports management company that was started by the rapper in 2013, but before putting his pen to paper and making everything official, Cruz says he and Jay had a little beef.

Here's what happened:

After the Giants won the Super Bowl in 2012 against the New England Patriots, somebody from Jay Z's camp reached out to a representative of Cruz's and wanted him to attend a celebration party at 40/40--the Manhattan night club owned by Jay Z.

But the person representing Cruz didn't speak for him anymore, and on his own, that person told Jay's rep that Cruz would only show up to the party if he was paid $30,000, and once the rapper heard that he stopped speaking to Cruz completely.

"Before I had a conversation with Jay about this sports thing, we had like legitimate, light-weight beef," said Cruz in a radio interview.

"It was kinda weird. He threw a party at 40/40 after we won the Super Bowl. I had no clue about it. I guess someone from the Roc camp reached out to somebody that I was or was not working with at the time...and clearly it wasn't my people or who I thought was my people, and they called him or her, whoever it was, and was like 'Yo, we're trying to get Vic to this party.' And they was like, 'Nah, Vic's not showing up unless he gets 30K.'"

But the wide receiver didn't know anything about the conversation, so when he saw Jay Z at a local basketball game, the rapper gave him the cold shoulder.

"So I had no idea," said Cruz. "I saw Jay and [Shawn] Pecas at a game and I ended up bum-rushing this back room that they were all in at half-time and nobody said a word to me....I was like, 'Damn, no love?' And I had no idea why."

Luckily for Cruz the two cleared up the misunderstanding, which led to the football player signing with Roc Nation Sports a little while after.

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