Vicki Gunvalson Tries to Save Castmate's Marriage


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Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson is no stranger to failed marriages, which is why the two-time divorcee tried to help fellow castmate Shannon Beador get through a rocky point in her marriage.

On the most recent episode of RHOC, Gunvalson and her boyfriend Brooks Ayers invite Shannon and her husband David on a couple’s trip to Puerto Vallarta. Gunvalson believes that getting the pair away from their home and to the tropical paradise will help them sort out their differences.

Those who watched this season saw the new cast members argue and pick at each other from the start. In fact, things got so bad that David sent an email to Shannon suggesting that he move out. This, and the constant tension between the two, prompted Gunvalson to invite them on the tropical getaway.

“Our relationship needs this trip more than ever,” said Beador on the show. “I’m going to Puerto Vallarta with my eyes wide open.”

Watch the ladies talk about the show, here:

The getaway didn’t stop the bickering and tears, however; the couple engaged in several awkward fights while in front of their friends.

At one point, during dinner at a nice restaurant, Shannon left the table in tears. Upon her return, she had a few choice words for her hubby.

"David, maybe next time you can make me not look like a bitch," she said.

After a few tense moments, he quipped back with, “The silence is deafening. You need to smile.”

The two excused themselves and went outside to sort things out. While there, Gunvalson shared her thoughts with those at the dinner table.

"You need to figure this out or you're going to end up divorced," said Gunvalson. "I think Shannon needs to get on a bar top and dance."

Gunvalson has received her own criticism for her relationship with Ayers. Most of the cast, including her daughter, are against the pair because they don’t trust him and feel he is using wealthy Gunvalson for her money.

During this latest episode, however, the couple seemed closer and better than ever.

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Image via Vicki Gunvalson, Twitter