Vicki Gunvalson Tells Us What Gay Looks Like

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Nowadays there seems to be a growing population of "television personalities": those who are on television but, for the most part, do not have any talent, or even a decent personality. They are simply known for "being on television." Vicki Gunvalson is no exception.

The 52-year old independent insurance agent has appeared on The Real Housewives of Orange County since 2006. She is known for being extremely outspoken, oftentimes rude, on the show, causing even more drama than there already is.

Although she had a fairly calm season on RHOC this year, the recent reunion show displayed Gunvalson in all her splendor.

A viewer asked the Republican mother of two to explain her comment during the season when she said that a guy she encountered didn't "look gay." What did she mean by that?

Although another cast members begged her to not "say it," Gunvalson answered.

"Usually they're very, very, very fit," she said. "They're usually very GQ looking. They're very poised."

Host Andy Cohen jumped in to say, "Not to generalize."

But Gunvalson still did not get the hint.

"Not to generalize, but that's my viewpoint And they have a little bit of gaydar going on. He didn't have a gaydar. You don't' have a gaydar, either," she said, gesturing to Cohen, who managed to stay composed. "You're all boy to me."

Gunvalson, who apparently does not understand the definition of the word "gaydar," didn't just stop at being offensive toward homosexuals. She also commented that she has realized that feng shui is "not just for Asians, it's actually for Caucasians too."

Cohen, perhaps trying to help her save face, asked Gunvalson about Oklahoma, which she had slammed earlier in the season. She didn't get the clue about this topic either.

"Flat. Tornadoes. Not good food. Humid, humid frizzy hair. Boring. Boring."

Despite having a heavy following, it's a safe guess that most of functioning society is looking forward to the day when reality shows and women like this will no longer have a public soapbox.

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