Vicki Gunvalson Talks New Boutique and That Topless Pic on Instagram [Pics]

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Vicki Gunvalson, one of the stars of Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo TV, recently had an embarrassing incident. She accidentally posted a picture to Instagram that showed herself topless.

Vicki Gunvalson says that the entire incident was innocent enough. She recently talked with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens: Live on Bravo about her little accident.

“I was getting out of the shower, I had my wrap on, I was going to the bathroom to get my bra and my cute little panties on and my headphones were sitting there and I thought, ‘I might as well thank Andy for giving them to me and Bravo,’ and I took a picture of them.”

The headphones Gunvalson mentioned was a set of Beats Solo wireless headphones. Apparently, Gunvalson grabbed her phone, shot a picture of the still-packaged headphones, and posted it straight to Instagram with the caption:

"Thank you #bravotv for my Christmas present. Love these for all my traveling. #happyholidays #andycohen"

Some time later, Gunvalson was made aware that the clear plastic packaging on the headphones had acted like a mirror, showing her naked in its reflection as she snapped the picture. It was an accidental mirror selfie.

Gunvalson took the photo down from Instagram straightaway. But some news agencies had already grabbed screenshots of the picture, including TMZ.

Gunvalson later posted an apology to her fans via Facebook.

“I’m a human being and we make mistakes. I wanted to shout out to Bravo for my Beats while blow drying my hair and getting ready for work, I clearly couldn’t see the reflection when I posted the image on Instagram. I apologize to anyone that saw the picture and am deeply embarrassed.”

While on Watch What Happens: Live, Gunvalson also announced the launch of her own new e-boutique, carrying her own clothing line.

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