Vicki Gunvalson Shares Scoop on Brooks Ayers, Shannon Beador in New Blog Post

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Vicki Gunvalson spilled her guts in a recent blog post. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star defended herself in the post, too.

“As I write this blog, I have so many mixed emotions, but mostly it's sadness and betrayal,” Vicki Gunvalson shared on Friday. “The constant subject line of Brooks' cancer, his choice of treatment, and if he was ‘faking’ it or not has gotten out of control. My stance is I do not believe he faked cancer, as there are way too many people involved, way too many doctor visits and way too many doctor reports which would be very difficult to falsify. As I said at the reunion, I didn't have enough information that he does have cancer, and I didn't have enough information that he doesn’t.”

Brooks Ayers and Vicki Gunvalson broke up for the second time in August.

While she still remains she's responsible for nothing that happened during the recent filming of the reunion show--as well as for the way people left the filming feeling--Vicki Gunvalson admits she might have handled things better.

“Hindsight,” she wrote. “I didn't handle things always in the calmest manner which I am sorry for that, but I was extremely frustrated having to always be questioned about him.”

Vicki Gunvalson is as frustrated with the way things wound up with Shannon Beador as she is about the situation with Brooks Ayers.

“I never betrayed her, she was just embarrassed that it was exposed again when it was supposed to be about badgering me,” she wrote. “I knew what David and Shannon shared this season, and it was Shannon's decision to reveal the affair so I didn't think it was a secret to tell my brother. All the ladies already knew, so for me to tell my brother privately was NOT betraying her.”

Vicki Gunvalson says it was Tamra Judge who shared word of the very uncomfortable situation involving Shannon and David Beador.

“What you don't know is that last year Tamra actually told the group about David's affair at a dinner we were all at, and even disclosed the woman's name and information about her. Bottom line here is Shannon knew that Heather, Tamra, and Lizzie all knew and by me telling my brother privately in my home was not any secret,” she wrote.

Has Vicki Gunvalson cleared up anything in Friday's blog post--or has she perhaps made things even worse than they were before?

What's with these RHOC people? Do any of them know when to keep their mouths--or their keyboards--shut?

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