Viacom Stomps on Adam Yauch's Grave

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After the recent death of Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, Chappelle Show co-creator Neil Brennen (he's the one taking notes when Chappelle and his friends were hanging out) posted a video from an unaired episode of The Beastie Boys performing "The New Style".

Just a few minutes after it gained some media coverage from UpRoxx and IFC, Viacom inexplicably took the video down, citing copyright infringement.


This is where I would have posted the video, allowing you to reminisce on all the great contributions Yauch has made to the music world and to reflect on how he changed your youth for the better.

Like most, I thought this was a nice remembrance for a musician that helped bring hip-hop into the mainstream, and influenced so many of my generation. Viacom, on the other hand, is worried about sales of its "Lost Episodes" DVD, which sells for $9.49 on Amazon. Accounting for all the people that immediately thought they needed to buy that DVD, to see one of Yauch's on air performances, Viacom would have made about $20. Instead, anyone who sees this article or notices the video was removed from other sites that tried to cover it, should make a conscience effort to never purchase it.

The episodes were "lost" when Chappelle decided not to return for a 3rd season of the show, citing creative differences and feeling that his show was becoming too commercial. Chappelle has said that he never wanted the episodes to be released, saying he felt like he was being laugh at instead of with. Another instance where Viacom ignored the wishes of the artist for commercial gain.

Rest in Peace, MCA. Hopefully Viacom will be alone in trying to capitalize on your death.

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