Venus Transit: One Of The Most Beautiful Things Ever

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A lucky few in the U.S. got to witness the transit of Venus yesterday, when the planet traveled across the fiery face of the sun. Unfortunately for me and a lot of my fellow Kentuckians, it was too cloudy for us to see properly. And yes, I'm still bitter about it.

Because the transit won't happen again until 2117, this was our last chance to witness history in the making firsthand; however, NASA, as always, had our backs. They documented the whole thing and compressed the 6-hour journey into a 3-minute video, which is one of the most breathtaking things I've ever seen. At first glance, some will say, "Big deal. Looks like a dot moving across a bigger dot." But when you think about the enormity of what you're seeing, it boggles the mind. If you aren't completely fascinated every time you look up at the night sky, I dare say there's something wrong with you. At the very least, you've maybe been jaded by the accessibility our generation has and has had to images of outer space since astronauts first began making trips on our behalf. On that note, I'm leaving you to look at this video and ponder the limitless, vast, terrifying, awesome, out-of-our-hands events the universe gets up to, all while we sit at our desks or drive our cars, oblivious to it all.

And keep in mind that Venus is roughly the same size as Earth.

venus  transit
Image credit: NASA

venus transit

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