Venezuela Beauty Queen Killed During Protests

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It was in her name. Genesis Carmona.

A new beginning.

A promising start.

The 22-year-old was a college student studying marketing and a locally famous beauty queen in her home state of Carabobo, Venezuela. She had looks, brains, and a world of promise.

Then with a cowardly sniper’s bullet, it was all gone, and Carmona’s short life was over.

Having been shot on February 18th, Carmona becomes the latest of several people who have been killed so far amid violent clashes occurring in Venezuela. The ongoing protests are a challenge to almost a decade and a half of a socialist government rule. Much of the anger has arisen over astronomical inflation, shortage of goods, and government corruption. Protesters are demanding the resignation of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

The animosity within the troubled nation became even more intense following the arrest of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez. The 42-year-old former mayor has been accused by Maduro of attempting a coup. He could be charged with homicide and causing grievous bodily harm. Lopez surrendered to authorities amid thousands of cheering supporters.

This matter is a world away from the grieving friends and family of Genesis Carmona. It is not known what Carmona was doing prior to being caught up in the turmoil on Tuesday. It is known that without warning, a sniper shot Carmona in the head. She was described as immediately “slumping to the ground”. In a desperate attempt to save her life, Carmona was rushed to a hospital via motorcycle.

The effort would prove to be in vain as she would be pronounced dead the next day.

Carmona’s death is not merely tragic because she was beautiful in a country that prizes beauty queens.

It's also terrible that perhaps this poor young woman, by her promise and by her very name, represented a new, hopeful beginning for citizens of Venezuela. Rather than hopeful beginnings, it may be a signal of the downward spiral facing the deeply divided nation as the struggle to control the fate of Venezuela continues.

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