Velveeta Recall Issued Over Lack of Preservative, Probably Won't Affect Your Party Dip

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Months after we all survived the great Velveeta shortage of 2014, some cheese dip aficionados in the Midwest may have a problem finding a box of the pasteurized cheese product at their local Walmarts.

Kraft has issued a voluntary recall of 260 cases of the flagship Velveeta product, citing an improper amount of sorbic acid – a preservative. Kraft says that the affected products could spoil prematurely and make people sick – but it's highly unlikely.

It's a pretty small recall, only affecting stores affiliated with three Walmart distribution centers. From Kraft:

"This recall affects one batch of product made on one manufacturing line during a few hours of production. The product was shipped to three Walmart distribution centers and may have been redistributed to stores in up to 12 Midwest states. The affected products may have been shipped to Walmart stores in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. These products were not shipped outside of the U.S."

If you're in one of those states and recently bought some Velveeta, check your package. If it looks like this...

...Kraft is advising that you don't eat it and instead return it to the store.

If this affects you and you now have a couple cans of diced tomatoes and ground beef in need of a new purpose, I've always felt that it's never too hot for a nice, spicy pot of chili.

Images via Kraft, Wikimedia Commons

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