Vanilla Ice Says Burglary Charges Are "Blown Out Of Proportion"

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Vanilla Ice says he's just dealing with the charges of theft that have been levelled against him.

Vanilla Ice was arrested on February 18th and charged with burglary and grand theft when a foreclosed house near the home he was renovating for The Vanilla Ice Project was robbed.

The former rapper, who is now host of his own DIY show, has reportedly been fully cooperating with police, but it's not over for him yet.

"It's all blown out of proportion. It's a mess, and I'm dealing with it," he said when first asked about the incident.

Vanilla Ice was on Good Morning America when the questions inevitably landed.

Family and Friends - without it you have nothing.

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But, Vanilla Ice obviously didn't want to, and couldn't, talk about the case.

He said he has been cooperating and working with authorities, but can't say much.

Vanilla Ice said, "I wish I could elaborate."

Thanks Ohio, Home and Garden Show

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That finally seemed to be the hint that Good Morning America's Lara Spencer needed to move on.

The incident happened earlier this month when Vanilla Ice was questioned by police as they were investigating reports of squatters in an abandoned home close to the Florida home he was renovating.

Vanilla Ice told police that he had bought the home, but police later found out that he hadn't actually bought it yet, that he only intended to buy it.

Then, when they came back to search the home that Vanilla Ice was renovating at the time, they found missing items from the abandoned home in his possession.

Among the items were furniture, a pool heater, and artwork.

That's when they booked Vanilla Ice for burglary and grand theft.

After the fiasco, the DIY network issued a statement saying that they were looking into it, but they haven't taken any action yet.

The Vanilla Ice Project is still slated to return on March 8th, so perhaps there's not as much to these charges as we feared.

What do you think about the charges against Vanilla Ice?

Do you watch the show?

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