Vanessa Hudgens Wows At Coachella


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Vanessa Hudgens is known for her dark hair and exotic looks, but she recently had a makeover and unveiled a new look that shocked fans. Her dark locks have been dyed blonde and she has also added blonde hair extensions. She flaunted her new look at the Coachella music festival.

It's not uncommon for people to dye their hair lighter in the summer and many celebrities have gone lighter over the last couple of weeks.

Vanessa's hair stylist, Riawna Capri, talked about her new look saying,

"We knew we we're going to do this for Coachella. We we're debating peach hair but went with blond. Vanessa loves change. If it's long and brown, then she'll go short next time. She never does the same thing twice."

Hudgens also shared photos of her new look and her experience at Coachella on her Instagram page.

Vanessa appeared to have a good time at the festival, but according to sources, she was paid for her appearance. McDonalds reportedly paid the actress $15,000 to show up at the festival. She wasn't the only one being paid for their time at the Coachella. Lea Michele was paid $20,000 from Lacoste to wear its clothes to the event and other stars like Kate Bosworth expect a lot more from their sponsors.

Coachella is always a star studded event and tickets sell for several hundreds of dollars a piece. Hudgens attended the event with her sister Stella, her boyfriend Austin Butler, and one of her best friends, Laura Jayne.

The group stuck together throughout most of the festival, but Vanessa and Austin were spotted walking alone and holding hands a few times during Coachella.

What do you think of Vanessa Hudgen's new hair color and the price she was paid for her appearance at Coachella?

Image via Instagram