Vanessa Hudgens Receives Trendsetter Award

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Vanessa Hudgens has been the face of Bongo for a couple of seasons now, having replaced her Spring Breakers co-star Ashley Benson for the brand's campaigns, and her stylist said recently that she custom-designed a Bongo top for the young star to wear to the Young Hollywood Awards on Sunday. It must have been a good luck charm, because Hudgens received the Trendsetter Award and thanked the '70s in her acceptance speech for its inspiration.

Hudgens paired the blue crop top with a pair of flowy white pants and two-tone hair, which brightened up her face and accentuated her golden skin tone.

"I designed this custom Bongo top specifically for Vanessa to wear to the Young Hollywood Awards. It's young, fresh, sexy and effortless. Also a great way to show off her rock hard abs, which she should definitely show off," Natalie Saidi said.

Part of Bongo's new campaign is an emphasis on the natural look, without the airbrushing that magazines and ads are famous for these days. Hudgens released a statement on the movement, saying she believes it's a wonderful move at a time when young people are inundated with images that don't always tell the truth.

"I absolutely love that Bongo wanted to do something different by not retouching my photos for their campaign. I think it is important for girls to be true to who they are, and not compare themselves to girls who have been photoshopped to look “perfect.” God made us all unique for a reason and we should embrace our true self," she said.

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