Vanessa Hudgens Had Selena Gomez's Back at Met Gala, With Justin Bieber Nearby

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Vanessa Hudgens and pal Lily Collins stayed close to Selena Gomez at the Met Gala last week. The friends wanted to help ensure that Selena kept her cool in the presence of her ex, Justin Bieber, who was also at the event.

Hollywood Life reports that Vanessa Hudgens insisted Selena Gomez remain aloof around Bieber--and she followed her instructions perfectly.

"It helped that Vanessa and Lily (Collins) were there to keep Selena in check. They were like her cheerleaders and just stuck with her the entire night. They weren’t about to let Selena lose her cool with Justin or act too googly eyes with him,” a source told the publication.

The plan that Vanessa Hudgens employed played perfectly into Justin Bieber's hands--making him notice Selena Gomez constantly and no doubt want her back even more than before.

“Justin played right into her aloofness, which made him want her even more. It was perfect because this is exactly what she wanted,” the source adds.

“She loved all the compliments from Justin. She felt like she was on cloud nine with all of the attention,” the source says of Selena Gomez. “She promised herself and her friends that she would play it cool with him, and it worked because the more she ignored him and blew him off, the more interested he became.”

It sounds like Vanessa Hudgens had the perfect strategy for Selena Gomez at the Met Gala. Still the question remains as to why it was so important to Selena for Justin to notice her. Is she perhaps still in love with the 'Where Are U Now' singer? Why else would she care?

Maybe Vanessa Hudgens should add 'relationship whisperer' to her repertoire of talents. The High School Musical star and former girlfriend of Zac Efron is presently starring on Broadway in Gigi.

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