Vanessa Hudgens Debuts New Turquoise 'Do


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Vanessa Hudgens: you know her for her gorgeous smile, youthful charm, and long, flowing dark-ish hair. Scratch that. Now you know her for long, flowing turquoise hair.

Yes, it seems the former High School Musical star has joined the trend of celebs dying their manes bright colors. Hudgens went for an ombre look in which her roots are dark and her tresses gradually turn into the faded blue.

In true celebrity fashion, the actress debuted her new look on her Instagram page. Donning a flower crown on top of her head, along with a large turquoise ring and aqua top, Hudgens posted the picture along with a quote from the Janet Fitch novel-turned-movie White Oleander.

“She would be half a planet away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing by moonlight to flamenco guitar – Janet Fitch, White Oleander.”

The question of the hour, however, is if Hudgens will keep her new look. She is gearing up to serve as bridesmaid in her BFF and former High School Musical co-star Ashley Tisdale’s wedding. Will the starlet glam up her blue coif, or go back to a more traditional style?

With Vanessa Hudgens though, it is anyone’s guess. This isn’t the first time the actress has been daring with her hair. Last fall the Gimme Shelter star dyed it a mix of blonde and red to match the season’s changing leaves. She’s also gone blond-ish too, which has served as the base of her new ‘do.

See if Hudgens’ new look makes the screen when the actress stars in the comedy-horror film Kitchen Sink, scheduled to be released January 9, 2015.

Watch what else Hudgens has been up to on Instagram:

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Image via Vanessa Hudgens, Twitter