Valentine's Day Tip: Words With Friends Prowess Increases Your Chance Of A Hookup

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If you're a Words With Friends or Scramble With Friends player, you might have already seen a little push by Zynga to get you to play their (already widely popular) games. Beginning a couple of days ago, Zynga began pushing messages to players correlating the lover's holiday with wordplay - "So and so put a move on you (with words)" and stuff like that.

So the folks behind Words With Friends love Valentine's Day, and they have just released the results of a love-themed survey of players that reveals some interesting things about the WWF population. Mainly, they are all a bunch of cheaters.

Zynga spent the last few days conducting an in-game survey of players, and the impressive sample size (100,000) revealed that 44% of players flirt with their opponent.

Some more stats about WWF players:

  • 24% of players admitted to swapping WWF handles instead of phones numbers.  When I think about it, casual wordplay is probably a more effective icebreaker than an awkward phone conversation.
  • Apparently, Words With Friends play has a better chance of ending in a hook-up than I would've imagined.  38% of players said they would be more willing to get between the sheets if that person was good at the game, and 10% said that playing WWF has led directly to a hook-up.
  • 40% of people said that they would actually date someone they met through the game, while 47% of people said that they are currently playing the object of their desire.

35% of players said they let their significant other win from time to time (yeah right) and unsurprisingly, 43% of people said that they cheat in the game.

Josh Wolford
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