Utah Car Crash Leaves 5 Dead, 2 Injured


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The holiday weekend turned deadly for five people in Utah after a head-on collision occurred on Sunday, July 6.

According to Utah Highway Patrol, a van carrying five people was trying to pass a vehicle on U.S. Route 191 when it struck an oncoming sports car that was carrying two individuals near Monticello.

Trooper Evan Kirby explained that when the two vehicles collided, the sports car burst into flames killing both passengers, along with three passengers from the van. The other two individuals in the van were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

These deaths mark the second fatal crash to happen over the holiday weekend. Historically, The Fourth of July has been the deadliest holiday weekend in Utah. On Friday, July 4, another head-on collision on Interstate 80 in northern Utah killed a woman and her two daughters.

According to troopers, Paul Mumford was driving along the interstate when he reportedly turned around, driving the wrong way, and collided with an SUV carrying four individuals: Jose Adame-Orozco, his girlfriend Delphine John, and her two daughters Deliah Ramirez and Anaya Orozco.

Adame-Orozco was listed in critical condition, and Mumford's condition was updated to stable. Mumford is believed to have been driving under the influence at the time of the collision. Troopers believe that both vehicles were driving at least 80 miles-per-hour and neither vehicle hit their brakes. "That's like hitting a brick wall at 160 miles per hour. Just a tremendous amount of force and impact," Highway Patrol Capt. Doug McCleve said.

Image via Wikimedia Commons