USS Mahan Shooting Leaves Two Dead


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A shooting aboard the USS Mahan has left two people dead and is raising questions about the Navy's security procedures.

According to the U.S. Navy, one male sailor was shot and killed aboard the Mahan at around 11:20 pm Monday night. The man suspected of shooting the sailor was also shot and killed by Navy security forces.

The base was put on lockdown for a short while following the incident as a precautionary measure. No other injuries were reported and the base was released from lockdown after 45 minutes.

The shooting took place as the USS Mahan was docked at Naval Station Norfolk on the coast of Virginia. The Mahan is an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer that was conducting routine operations in the Atlantic.

According to a Navy Times report, the shooter was a civilian, but was authorized to be at Naval Station Norfolk. A spokesperson has stated that the Navy cannot say whether the suspect was authorized to be aboard the Mahan. The Navy has also stated that it will release the names of both the sailor and the alleged shooter following the notification of their families.

News of the incident was first reported via Naval Station Norfolk's Facebook page. The post indicates that the Navy is currently investigating the shooting.

The Navy Times report also states that the shooting suspect disarmed a petty officer before the shooting. The alleged shooter also reportedly did not have a weapon of his own.

The shooting comes just months after the Washington Navy Yard shooting in September 2013. That incident left 13 people dead, including the shooter, Aaron Alexis. According to reports Alexis was a former Navy Reserve sailor who had receive a defense service medal but was known for misusing firearms.

Image via U.S. Navy