USB Flash Drive by Leef Bridges Android Mobile Devices to PCs

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We all have our own ways of getting files from one device to another. Whether it's as high tech as the cloud or Google drives or just emailing it to ourselves, it's ingrained to our routines.

"The Three-Step Drag" is what Wired Magazine calls it: "First, you e-mail the file or upload it to a cloud storage site like Dropbox or Google Drive. Next you open the email and download the attachment, or get the file from the cloud server. And finally you open the file on your computer."

The problem you run into is if you're in a place without internet, you're kind of stuck. Most mobile devices aren't equipped with standard sized USB ports, leading the average person to resort to cables and adapters or desperately searching out for an internet connection.

But in December, Leef proposed a solution:

Leef Bridge 3.0 Mobile USB Flash Drive is now available in Radio Shacks, and the company claims in the YouTube description that it is ten times faster than any other drive like it.

Even though it solves the problem of transferring files without an internet connection. The flash drive does come with its own set of problems. The Indo Asian News Service reported the device comes with its own learning curve: "The Leef Bridge is supposedly compatible with some 40 Android phones and 16 tablets. Some of these devices can read and write data from Leef drives with their Android operating system, but most require the assistance of third party file management apps available in the Google Play store. Since there is no intuitive design, it may take you some effort to figure out how to find the files you want to transfer, and once found, how to actually move them from one device to the other. So while the Leef Bridge 3.0 itself works well, users still need to overcome the clumsiness of the file manager apps the drive typically needs to operate."

Is the learning curve too steep to handle? That maybe for the consumer to decide. Leef published a list of compatible devises on its website.

Image via Leef, YouTube

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