U.S. Pirate Party Announces First Conference

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You may or may not be aware of the Pirate Party, the political group founded in Europe that fights for online freedoms and privacy rights, but they are a very real political party. They have not had much of a presence in the United States, but that’s about to change.

On the official blog for the Massachusetts Pirate Party, the group has announced the first U.S. conference will take place on March 10. It will take place at the Democracy Center in Cambridge.

The party has released the schedule of speakers and topics that interested parties may want to attend:

David House, a researcher at MIT who helped set up the Bradley Manning Support Network, will be giving a talk entitled: Going toe-to-toe with the state: navigating the challenges of a digital activist.

Shauna Gordon-McKeon, organizer for the Boston Sunlight Foundation, will talk about some of the programming projects transparency activists are using to open up government data.

Writer and publisher Cecilia Tan, Shane Bugbee and composer Matthew Davidson will be on the Tales from the Net: Making a living at being creative panel.

Michael Anderson will give a talk called Fight Ridiculous With Ridiculous: The Guerrilla Tactics of Fair Use.

Also, Conor Sherman will give a talk called Stranger Danger: Don’t Click that Link Even If They Offer Puppies and Candy.

Finally, we will have a number of talks by Pirate Party members, including:

Exploring Kopimism by Lauren Pespisa

Patents Upending by Erik Zoltan

Fair Use for Activists by Chris Walsh

How to Run for Office by James O’Keefe

The event will also serve as a chance for the Pirate Party to discuss where they should go next. The party is still relatively new around the world, but even more so in the United States.

They are also looking for people to help them with supplies and volunteering.

Those interested in attending can register online now for only $5.

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