Urban Meyer Seen Eating Pizza Alone After OSU Lost


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Ohio State suffered a heart-breaking loss over the weekend when they lost the Big Ten Championship. As the No.2 ranked team coming into the game along with a 24-game winning streak, the odds seemed to be in their favor. However, the Spartans had other plans, and showed the strength of their defense once again when beating the Buckeyes.

In a hilarious, and somewhat sad activity, Ohio State's coach, Urban Meyer, was unfortunately caught eating a pizza alone on a golf cart after the game was over. There are many haters of Ohio State around the country for a variety of a reasons, and as a result, many people were happy to see them lose on Saturday night.

Urban Meyer's Buckeyes lost, but it certainly was not on any last second plays that could compare to what happened in the Iron Bowl in which Auburn defeated Alabama.

Michigan State controlled much of the game, and even jumped out to a 17-0 lead. Auburn also had a reason to root for MSU in this game, due to the fact that if Ohio State were to lose, then they would be sent to the national championship. While Braxton Miller has been known to destroy Ohio State's opponents throughout the season, he started out slow, and Michigan State's Connor Cook finished with an impressive game passing for 304 yards and three touchdowns.

The game had big implications for the Spartans too, sending them to the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1988, where they will meet Stanford in Pasadena, California. The Spartans crushed any hopes of Ohio State heading to a national championship, and after two undefeated seasons, it has been all for nothing again.

The Spartans have also had a long traditions of rioting and burning couches after games, and made their presence known in East Lansing after the win, helping to create this graphic.

Despite the success that Urban Meyer has had with Ohio State, he has not been able to get them to a national championship. Last season, they experienced a post-season ban due to an NCAA investigation over improper benefits.

Meyer thought he could have his chance at redemption this year, but after the loss, he simply consoled himself with a personal pizza from Papa John's in the tunnel, while surrounded by family.

While they were originally set to head to the national championship, Urban Meyer's Buckeyes are now headed to the Orange Bowl to face Clemson, a tough ACC team that is led by quarterback Taj Boyd.

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