Unbelievable Video Game Collection Hits eBay, Starting Bid $550,000

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As of right now, you have just under 10 days to place your bid on one of the most fascinating collections of video games, consoles, and accessories that has ever been offered on the internet.

One eBay user has put up their entire life's work, over 30 years of collecting, for sale. And the bidding starts at $550,000.

Yes, that's over a half a million for some video games and some consoles. But that description doesn't quite do it justice. Included in the set - over 6850 games, over 330 consoles, over 220 controllers, and 185 accessories.

"After a life spent collecting video games I decide to sell off my entire collection. I just have too much things and the space to store them is finished long ago... also I realized that if I want to play at least half of my games, I should live two or three entire human life. Just to give an idea of the huge amount of items present in my collection, I spent the last two months of my life taking pictures and making lists, working about eight hours a day just in order to make an inventory and to figure out what I have. Even now after all the time spent checking things I’m not sure to have included all in the lists," says the seller.

According to out seller, they wish to sell the entire collection in one piece. They could possibly be persuaded to split it up by type (PC, dreamcast, SNES, etc.), but that's not the goal.

Here's what he has to say about the games collection:

I focused on the series, so I have all the games about Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Castlevania, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Sakura Wars, Super Robot Taisen just to make some example. Also I focused on some type of games, like the Shooters or the RPG: I have about all the shooters for the Megadrive, Saturn, Dreamcast, PC Engine, Playstation 1 & 2 and so on, and also I have about all the RPG, and I have to specify that the shooters are japanese but the RPG are the english version (which are for sure most collectable and valuable than the japanese). Of course there are about all the classic rare games, from Dracula X Rondò of blood (three copies, one sealed), Radiant Silvergun (two copies, One sealed), Magical Chase (two copies, one sealed) and then two copies of Ginga Fukai Densetsu Sapphire, and many many other... Hundreds of games, especially for the later consoles, are still brand new and sealed, and in many case, especially for the rare or good one, I have two copies, one to play and one sealed. I included in this auction either a nice collection of pcb board, with classics such as Burger Time, Wonder Boy, Rygar, Splatterhouse, Ghosts’n Goblins and Ghouls’n Ghosts, and much more, and also rarities like Osman/cannon dancer.

Assuming this isn't some sort of elaborate (and impressive, nevertheless) scam, holy hell. Maybe some super-rich dad out there will decide to give his kid the best birthday present in the history of birthdays.

Here are some amazing images from the collection:

[h/t Kotaku]
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