Ultra Street Fighter IV Announced, New Characters Revealed


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The Evolution Championship Series was held this weekend, and in addition to some of the largest fighting game tournaments in the world, the event was host to big news for the fighting game genre. One of the biggest announcements of the weekend was that Super Street Fighter IV is getting another big content update.

Capcom announced this weekend that the update will re-brand the game from Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition to Ultra Street Fighter IV. The update includes five new characters, several new battlegrounds, and "completely" rebalanced gameplay based on fan feedback from the Street Fighter Facebook page. The new characters were, presumably, also influenced by a Capcom poll conducted in February.

Three of the new characters are easily recognizable from previous Street Fighter titles as well as from Final Fight: Rolento, Poison, and Hugo. Street Fighter III character Elena will also be making her debut in the Ultra update. A fifth "mystery" character that Capcom isn't yet naming will be included as well.

The Ultra update will be available in "early 2014" as a digital update for Arcade Edition for $15, or as a stand-alone disc-based version for $40, which includes all current costume DLC.

Final Fight characters, Elena join Street Fighter IV