Ultimate Fictional Character's Fighting League


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Has there ever been more heated arguments in a comic book shop than "Who would win in a fight" arguments? These arguments can and will destroy friendships and rumor has it that this is what came between cats and dogs all those years ago.

Portuguese artist Filipe Capra has started to answer these questions with some promo posters about some fights that some of us have wanted to see for years. I love this because I remember having a very specific conversation with someone about who would win if Superman and Goku got in a fight.

Check out some of his work below! He has a bunch more so check them all out on his tumblr feed!

Kratos vs. Hulk


"If Kratos can not ... Who will?"

Sonic vs. Roadrunner


"World cup race around the globe!"

Bobby vs. Calvin


"Children also have space in the UFCF!"

Astroboy vs. Megaman


"Discount on tickets for robots, cyborgs and the like!"

Goku vs. Superman


"One of the most anticipated battles UFCF by fans!"