UK Woman Takes Trip Down Memory Lane, Finds Video Of Boyfriend Having Sex With Her Dog Instead


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A healthy relationship is built upon the premise of not keeping secrets from your partner. That's why you should be totally comfortable with letting your significant other look through your phone for photos and videos of your special moments together. Before that happens, however, you might want to get rid of the video from that one time you banged her dog.

The Grimsby Telegraph reports that Wayne Bryson, a 19-year-old from the UK, has admitted to having sex with his girlfriend's dog after she found a video of him in the act on his phone. Why was she looking through his phone? She wanted to find a few nice pictures of them together.

That alone is what makes this story so sad. She wasn't your stereotypical jealous girlfriend looking for evidence of infidelity. She just wanted to look back on the precious memories they shared together. Instead, she finds that he apparently much preferred her dog over her.

As expected, Bryson's girlfriend took the video to the police and he was promptly arrested. When pressed for a reason behind his act, he could give none only stating that he never done it before. To make matters worse, he was also found to be in possession of marijuana. That offense isn't as severe, however, as he had bought it for personal use and not for redistribution.

As for the bestiality offense, the crime carries a maximum sentence of two years in the U.K. Considering it's his first offense, he'll probably not get the full two years. He will no longer have the company of women or dogs after this though. That's gotta be much worse than any prison sentence.

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