UK Wildcat Fans Watch & Celebrate 8th National Championship [Exclusive Video]


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It's been two days since the University of Kentucky Wildcats won their 8th national championship, and it's starting to sink in around the state. If you know any UK fans, most likely they're already donning apparel in celebration of the victory. If you're really hardcore, you won't take the shirt off until they win another.

Ali Ord of WebProNews went down to ground zero, capturing the event as thousands of fans poured into bars and houses to watch their Cats bring home the trophy.

The game has been well documented on WPN, starting with UPS stupidly backing Duke in their advertising campaign; much to the chagrin of UK fans (most UK fans can tell you where they were during the Laettner shot).

Reliving old, bitter memories didn't stop the UK juggernaut from beating their in-state rival, U of L, which led to the first Project LeX riot. The event forced University of Kentucky president, Dr. Eli Capilouto, to implore students to behave responsibly and celebrate safely.

The message didn't take, however; once the final buzzer sounded, thousands of fans took to the streets in Lexington. All of the chaos helped create one of the greatest Twitter trends to appear in 2012 - #LexingtonPoliceScanner.

Those who were jealous of UK's victory, which is most of the college basketball watching world that doesn't wear UK blue & white, tried to downplay the championship victory by saying it would be vacated soon anyway. Which is a concept I've never fully understood. Are you going to mind-wipe thousands upon thousands of fans and make them forget who won?

Kansas had to feel defeat on two fronts, as they were beaten for the title and were ousted in terms of Twitter presence. Oh well, Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk, next year maybe.