Ugliest Dog Winner has Gone to Heaven


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Yoda was a Chinese-crested-Chihuahua mix who weighed 1.8 pounds and won $1000 as well as a trophy 15 times her size last June when she came first in The World's Ugliest Dog Competition (WUDC) at the Sonoma Marin Fair in Petaluma, California. She died peacefully in her sleep on Wednesday night at the age of 15; that is 105 in human years.

I recently watched a documentary about this competition titled Worst in Show and was taken aback by the pooch's Picasso face. Dogs from this breed continue to win the competition over and over again, beating out dogs with abnormalities, heinous scars, and birth defects that are a result of inbreeding.

Yoda was found in a field when she was two; when her owners first saw her they thought she was a rat.

Chinese Cresteds look like Ren from Ren & Stimpy. They have bizarre hair patterns that make them look like they were hit by a semi, carried down a path that winds through a pet cemetery, buried in an indian burial ground, and came back as the undead.

This is Sam, another Chinese Crested and former winner of WUDC:


If Paris Hilton was a zombie, this would be her prized companion.

The breed is known for a myriad of health problems such as a degenerative eye disease, and although Yoda wasn't the most attractive of dogs in this age of designer breeds, her owner Terry Devine Schumacher said she lived a good life and always told her she was pretty.

Schumacher said she will miss 'her funny little ways but is "comforted knowing she will be joining my Mom and Dad, who loved her so much. Her memories will live on forever."

What made Yoda look even more repugnant was her large tongue that constantly dangled out of her mouth.

Yoda shall maintain her title until another dog is crowned as The World's Ugliest Dog in June.