UFO Sightings Reported Along India-China Border


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Are we or are we not alone in the universe? Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) were reported in India (specifically Lagan Khel in Ladakh) near the Line of Actual Control with China on August 4, 2013. While no actual footage of the incident has been released there have been hundreds of sightings in the area.

The August 4th incident received additional consideration as the viewings were reported by the Army troops with the information being submitted to Army headquarters; however, not everyone is convinced by these sightings. Defense Minister A K Anthony remains skeptical and said that there is no proof of UFO sightings near the Indian border.

Reports claim that the yellowish spherical objects rose from a location near the China border, remained in the sky for several hours, and then finally disappeared though it is unclear in what manner the objects vanished. Could these be distant planets able to be viewed only during clear nights? There are talks that these sightings could actually belong to Venus and Jupiter. According to a top-level science research facility, both Jupiter and Venus are visible due to the thin atmosphere above Ladakh.

This is not the first time unidentified flying objects have been spotted near the India-China border. Last year, the 14 corps, reported UFO sightings near the Pangong Tso Lake. Making this situation even more puzzling is the fact that official representatives have released information denying that these objects are Chinese drones or satellites.

UFO sightings have been reported worldwide with some internet sites devoted to daily news updates. Other sites detail eyewitness accounts.

While the U.S. government initially started investigating the plausibility behind UFO's in 1948 there is no conclusive word to prevent present day debate on the feasibility of sightings.

In 1975, Allen Hynek, founder of the Center for UFO Studies, which is located in Evanston, Illinois, told TIME, "We need to stop arguing the existence of eggs and get down to cooking the omelet."

This leaves us back where we started. Are we alone in the universe?