U.S. Representative Tries To Pull Video From YouTube

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The political debate in Wisconsin continues to heat up, and we're provided with another story which looks to stoke the flame. Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy (R), a newly appointed U.S Representative from Wisconsin's 7th district has caught the attention of the online world for a YouTube clip of a Polk County town hall meeting. Duffy was asked questions concerning his salary, and his answers have raised the eyebrows of many who have seen it.

See for yourself:

The story is of particular interest because after the clip was posted on YouTube, the Polk County GOP looked to take it down. They were too late and the clip has been making rounds across the internet. The first major site to release the news was The Washington Post. A site called TPM.com also posted the video. Their video provider, blip.tv, received a demand from the Polk County GOP to take the video down. TPM.com's response was an article titled - "GOPers Demand Sean Duffy Salary Tape Be Pulled From The Internet (VIDEO)". An article which still has the video posted.

Since Duffy's remarks, democrats from the state have been sending criticism towards his way. In typical back-and-forth political fashion, Duffy's office has called the criticism "a misleading attack".

Another interesting part of the story is Sean Duffy himself. He was a reality TV star, who appeared on The Real Word: Boston in 1997. He became a district attorney, who eventually worked his way to his appointment as U.S Representative. This is his first year in office, and the video debacle certainly provides an early challenge for Duffy.