Tyson Beckford Makes Major Oscar Red Carpet Flub

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It's safe to assume that most people would agree that we're living in a celebrity obsessed culture these days, and a lot of us tend to hang on to every word a movie star or singer says.

Plus, we'll make sure we know everything about that celebrity, in terms of who they're dating, where they're living and what projects they have coming out next.

So when someone doesn't know a celebrity's name or mispronounces it, it immediately gets attention, especially if that person is a reporter covering a red carpet event.

Although Tyson Beckford is a model and not a reporter, he signed on to give fashion critiques on the red carpet of the Oscars last night, and although he did a good job for the most part he had one major flub. He called Julia Roberts "Jessica Roberts," and right away folks jumped on to Twitter to call him out.

"My. How times have changed," one person Tweeted. "Tyson Beckford called Julia Roberts "Jessica Roberts." Big mistake. Big. Huge."

However, some might say it was just an honest mistake, because Jessica Biel's photo appeared on the screen next to Roberts, so it might of thrown Beckford off. But yet and still, people took the time to let him have it, and some almost seemed happy they were able to jump on their Twitter accounts to say mean things.

As of now, Beckford hasn't made any sort of apology for the flub, as there's a good chance that ABC just wanted the moment to pass without making a big deal about it, because in actuality, it's not a big deal. Truthfully, what should be getting more attention is how people are so eager to call out somebody's mistake, as if they don't make any mistakes themselves.

Remember, we're all living in the era of outrage, where even messing up somebody's name causes folks to be offended. It's just the way of the world these days, I guess, and I don't see things changing any time soon.

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