Tyra Banks Says Victoria's Secret Did Not Keep Promise They Made

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Tyra Banks has "a bone to pick” with Victoria’s Secret. The ex-model was a guest at Bravo's Watch What Happens Live where she told Andy Cohen that Victoria's Secret did not own up to a promise they made when she was still with them.

The 40-year-old model turned businesswoman said: “The president of Victoria’s Secret promised me a lifetime supply of Victoria’s Secret products, even after I decided to leave the company, but once I left, he only let me have it for a year. So I have a bone to pick.”

Banks retired from modelling a few years ago and has instead focused on her career as a serious talk show host and businesswoman. According to her, this is also why she declined offers to go back.

“I have been asked to do a reunion many years ago, and I said no” says the creator and judge of the hit reality show series  America's Next Top Model, “because I was trying to be taken seriously as a talk show host and as an executive producer and as a businesswoman.”

Banks worked with Victoria’s Secret for a total of eight years, from 1997 to 2005, and has been one of the main icons of the brand in that period.

Should the opportunity to reunite and work with them come around again, she says she doesn’t know if she would take it. She did say that she still feels a connection with her co-angels from the old days because of their bond as the original angels.  There’s still the possibility, since she hasn’t given a definite answer. The other two original VS angels, Gisele Bündchen and Heidi Klum, have also moved on from modelling to other more mature careers.

Fans of the California native can also look forward to a sequel to her 2001 movie Life Size.  Banks told Cohen that she is currently in the process of writing Life Size 2, for which she is also executive producer. When pressed about giving Lindsey Lohan a role, she answered: "right now, we haven’t spoken to Lindsay, but you never know, she’s a woman now."

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