Two Arrested In Lauren Patterson Case


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Lauren Patterson, a 24-year-old British woman living and working in Qatar as a primary school teacher, is believed to have been brutally murdered after she went missing in the early morning hours of Saturday, October 12. Now, two men have reportedly been arrested in connection with Patterson’s death.

Lauren Patterson’s body was allegedly found in the desert on Saturday morning after she was declared missing; it has been reported that she was informally identified by an unusual tattoo, and that her mother, Alison Patterson, has flown to Doha to officially identify her daughter’s body.

Reports are conflicting and confusing on the matter, as Qatar’s Ministry of Interior has yet to release but more than a few details on the case. The website for the group has the only information that has been officially released; the statement posted Wednesday reads, “The police has [sic] arrested the suspects of a European woman’s murder. The case has been referred to Public Prosecution to complete further judicial procedures applicable in this regard.”

No other comments have been made, even to merely confirm or deny that the body found was that of Lauren Patterson.

However, according to numerous Facebook and other social media site posts made by Lauren’s family and friends, the body found, was, in fact, that of Lauren Patterson. Lauren’s boyfriend, James Grima, began searching for any news about her after she was officially declared missing on Saturday. Almost two days later, Grima’s posts changed from searching to displaying his grief over her death. Lauren’s mother, Alison, also posted about her daughter’s tragic end, saying, “Lauren was a wonderful young woman having the time of her life. There have been so many people that have put to us how highly they thought of Lauren and loved her.”

Lauren Patterson grew up in Britain and had only just returned to Doha from there on Friday; she had been attending her grandmother’s funeral in England, where her family still resides. She was in her third year as a primary teacher at Newton British School in Qatar.

Some of Lauren’s friends have reported that they saw her leaving La Cigale, the upscale hotel that was home to the nightclub Lauren was at, around 1:30 a.m. She was seen leaving with a group of five men, one of whom was a previous boyfriend of Patterson’s. At least one of those friends says that she received a text from Lauren saying that she was being taken to the wrong house. None of these reports have been determined to be true, as well as whether or not one of the men arrested was the rumored ex- boyfriend Lauren was seen leaving with on Saturday.

Image courtesy @TiffanyLingham via Twitter.