Twitter's Top Super Bowl Moments Had Nothing to Do with Football (Hint: Beyonce Killed It)

Josh WolfordLife, Social Media

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Sure, anything that happens in the context of the Super Bowl has football to thank for its existence. The halftime show wouldn't exist without a football game that required an intermission. All of those funny ads wouldn't exist if there wasn't an incredibly popular contest to plant people in front of their screens.

Sure, people love and care about the football aspect of the Super Bowl. But last night, the top moments on Twitter didn't deal with any aspect of the actual game.

In fact, Beyonce's halftime show was the most buzzed-about period during Sunday night's broadcast. When the performance concluded, Twitter tracked 268,000 tweets per minute (TPM). When her former Destiny's Child bandmates joined Beyonce on stage, TPM hit 257,000. And when they performed "Single Ladies," TPM hit 252,500.

When half the lights went out in the Superdome, TPM hit 231,500.

By comparison, the top football-related moment on Twitter was Jacoby Jones' 108-yard kickoff return TD, which generated a spike of 185,000 TPM.

In all, Twitter says that they saw 24.1 million total Super Bowl-related tweets. 5.5 million of those had something to do with Beyonce.

Those who opted to watch another, more cuddly game also generated a fair amount of chatter. According to Twitter, the Puppy Bowl produced 500,000 total tweets - or about 9% of what Beyonce saw during her halftime performance.

Josh Wolford
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