Twitter Has The Presidential Campaign Covered

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Since the inception of Twitter, it has quickly become the fastest way to transmit news. I for one found out that they got Bin Laden because I only watch stuff on my DVR, so my live broadcasts can't be interrupted. Because of this, Twitter is where most of my breaking news comes from. Now twitter is shooting for your end all place for the political campaign of the century. This is from their official blog:

"Since the beginning of the 2012 election season, many of you have turned to Twitter for breaking news about the latest GOP primary results, participating in the debates and first-person accounts of virtually everything happening on the campaign trail. Your Tweets have also mirrored the rise and fall of various GOP prospects’ campaigns heading into Super Tuesday."

Twitter also compiled Tweets to show how the candidates have risen and fallen in the last several months.


As you can see from Twitters data, the campaign has been as dynamic and ever changing as it's candidates. This is really going to be a race for the ages!

Super Tuesday is a day when 9 states are voting with a total of 419 delegates at stake, but none of the states voting today are winner take all.

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