Twitter Beats Facebook Among Webmasters


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A study conducted by a new social outreach company called Outreachr has found that nearly a third of webmasters include links to their company’s Twitter page than to their Facebook profile.

Outreachr, which launches this week, is aimed at webmasters and agencies. It is intended to streamline the tasks of link-building and contact list management for outreach campaigns. It does so by tagging and harvesting the contact details of millions of websites in order to rank and index them. It employs data mining and artificial intelligence elements in order to continually refine contact lists in order to tailor them to clients’ particular outreach campaigns.


As part of this process Outreachr conducted a study in which they discovered that while 54% of websites contain a link to a Twitter page in their contact information, only 35% contain a link to their Facebook profile. How much overlap there is between these two groups - i.e., how many have links to both Twitter and Facebook - is unclear.

Interestingly, this is in spite of the fact that Facebook has a far larger user base than does Twitter, and that Facebook’s user base is far more likely to interact with a brand than is Twitter’s.

Outreachr also found that 89% of analyzed websites had a contact page that was easily located, while only 20% of those had direct email links, as opposed to embedded contact forms.

Outreachr launches this month, and is free for up to one outreach campaign per month.