Trying To Impregnate The Neighbor's Horse Is Not How You Get Back At Your Girlfriend

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Half-human/half-animal creatures have always seemed strange to me. How exactly do these creatures come to be? Are they the result of some strange crossbreeding experiment gone wrong, or just good old fashioned magic? One Texas man decided he would try the former and see what happens.

Andres Mendozza, a 29-year-old from Texas, was recently arrested after trying to have sex with a horse. The reason? He was stood up by his girlfriend. Did he think this would be an appropriate way to get back at her? Maybe, but the story he told the cops was very different.

Upon being taken in by the police, Mendozza said that he "was trying to make the horse have a baby." He explained further saying that he thought the horse "would have a horse-man baby."

Wait, what?

I don't think trying to create a mythical race of Centaurs is exactly the best way to get back at your girlfriend. Hell, I'm pretty sure any woman would want nothing to do with you after admitting to having relations with the neighbor's horse.

So, Mendozza admitted to the deed, so how long is he in for? Surely bestiality carries a hefty sentence in Texas, right? Actually, according to Geekosystem, bestiality falls under public lewdness, which is only a Class A misdemeanor. After all was said and done, Mendozza only got four months in prison.

After he gets out, maybe he should try for a minotaur. I'm sure Texas' bulls would appreciate it.

[h/t: The Sun]

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